Training 2015 - Ypres / Leuven

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From April 8 - 12, 27 people were involved in our training: Mark & Claire from Northern Ireland; Davide, Francesco and Gianluca from Italy; Arbion, Mathy Martin, Veit & Melanie from Germany; Gary & Paul from Ireland; Marga & Elena from Spain; Lilli & Liis from Estonia; Iljo from Macedonia; Eddy, Urbain, Jan, Giddy, Lissa, Jeroen, Auke, Elien, Ellen & Sven from Belgium

The participants from these 8 countries gathered in Leuven, a city nearby Brussel, easy to reach by train or plane. Leuven is known as a university city, Leuven was hit severely during the First World War, as it was set on fire in 1915, and many civilians were executed. During a guided tour through the streets of the city, participants learned about this story.

Thursday April 9th, our bus left early to Ypres. Before noon, we visited the "In Flanders Fields" Museum.  On 22 April 1914, the first gas attack was launched during WWI, the museum created a special exposition about this fact. In the afternoon the group walked to the Menin Gate, where we would be in the evening again for the Last Post ceremony. Our guides Urbain & Eddy took us to the Tyne Cot cemetary (British) and Langemark cemetary (German), and told us some stories of fallen soldiers, the different approach of commemoration and special or strange facts.

On day 3 of our training, the Euroclio trainers Iljo and Martin took over. Iljo brought us the story of the Eastern front (Macedonia), and Martin learnt us to use modern methods for this topic. After these workshops, Elien from Ryckevelde gave a short overview of how you can use multimedia applications. On day 4 these applications we explored these apps in detail, and tried to integrate them into a greater presentation (for dissemination in the future). The same day, Heidi from the province of Western-Flanders gave an explanation about the 'Touchstone' they did develop, and by the end of our afternoon participants could present their stories. 

At this moment, we are gathering all information that was shown during the different sessions, we 'll soon send this info to all participants...

Many thanks to all the people that joined this training...!