Part C - c5 - Quality of the project

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In addition to the recommendations as described above, the following aspects may be considered as ‘best practise’. These aspects are also embed in the guidebook that can be consulted on the project website.

Transnational approach to remembrance, history, and present-day EU-citizenship by using a story-telling method.

  • transnational approach: the involvement of European countries from all corners of the continent (Estonia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany and Belgium). Between some of these countries/regions there is still some friction and/or they had a hostile past not so long ago (Greece / Macedonia; the Irish affair). Also, both sides of the former WW1-line were present, but there was no focus on winners & losers.
  • Remembrance, history and the present EU: the interrelationship between these 3 was accomplished by stories. The initial stories were the ones from the Great War, secondly they were linked with present stories in debates , and finally youngsters created their own modern stories in presentations and remembrance moments, spreading out messages to fellow-Europeans.

This modern story-telling approach used the always innovatory platform of social media and new applications that youngsters are keen of. For this generation, emails and  clean informative websites are already oldschool communication. Apps are the cross-media they want to use, with a storyboard that integrates communication derived from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other websites. Apps  also excite their creativity and it instigates the DIY (do-it-yourself) – approach, which makes them owner of the stories. AT the end of the story, they feel strongly connected with the content,  this can be labelled as an experiental deep learning process.

In all modesty, this was an exercise with trial and error(s) and a journey with obstacles and difficulties. At certain moments, we had not a clear view of where this would end up. The approach has to be fine-tuned, and for similar future projects it is good to implement more subgoals.