Part C - c4 - Additional information & key lessons learned

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  • Balance between remembrance, historical facts, present Eu-matters

It was our aim to find a new educational approach for the history of the First World War. In our experience, it is a good idea to bring in actual EU-items and (new, alternative) moments of remembrance that appeal to young people.

  • Balance between generations: youngsters and adults, novices and experts

The participation and voice of youngsters in each part of the process is essential  if the goal is to excite their interest.  With their involvement in the trainings they brought fresh ideas, and the interaction with ‘their’ history educators in a non-scholastic environment created  space for the development of new methodologies. At certain points, real experts were needed, to watch over the historical correctness for instance. For the EU-debates specialists were employed to explain and translate the complexity of EU-structures. It was a (constant) challenge to translate academic knowledge into understandable vocabulary.      

  • Holistic approach

Knowledge and historical facts are important, and during debates participants learned to use arguments to build opinions. It demanded address cognitive

  • Trial and error
  • Balance between process and product
  • Balance between preparation and open approach
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation (taskforces)


  • subgoals