Part C - c2 - Impact of the project

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Participants learned to examine the stories of the Great War, and learned to link these stories with actual stories nowadays. The purpose was to connect the debates with the stories, in order to create discussions in which historical perspectives could be referred to.

By having these talks with each other, participants identified the complexity of the EU-context in which politicians have to find solutions for common problems. They learned to use arguments and met with the obstacles and difficulties when they had to make agreements.  Certainly not, this meant that youngsters were uncritically towards the European political system, but at least they became aware of the fact that there is a need for European countries and citizens to collaborate.

The topics of the debates were very actual (refugees, terrorism). The group could see how things evolved in our Union. The moderators always gave priority to the actuality and topics were introduced with a historical background. 

Participants of the project met each other  5 times during these 18 months and kept close contact by using social media (they created their own Facebook-page. At the request of the youngsters, the All Quiet group will keep on organizing meetings in the future.  Next autumn, the organizers will apply for an Erasmus+ project in 2017. The official partners (organizations) also want to continue and most of them did already insinuate their intention to engage.      


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