Part B - b5 - Eventual changes of the original application

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In terms of activities and timetable, no changes took place, but there were some changes in the partners (1). The Slovenian delegation did not react to our numerous attempts to get in contact with them. Finally, we asked all other delegations if they agreed with a new partner.

We found a Greek (youth) organization from Tessaloniki which was very interested to get on board of the All Quiet project. They were involved in every activity (2 meetings, 2 trainings).

The terror attacks in Brussels on March 22d 2016 had some impact. The airport was closed and a bomb was exploded in  the subway we wanted to use in order to go to the European Parliament. A lot of flights of our visiting delegations had been redirected. So, it was not easy for them to get on the arrival place. Some of them were on the go for more than 24h. Luckily we did not have to call off the training and we also managed to visit the European Parliament.  We were the only visitors there that day. To be honest, we had to persuade our partners to come to Belgium just a week after the attacks.  All the more, our participants were youngsters who needed to convince their parents themselves. As soon as we had this problem, we reported it to the Europe for citizens supervisors (by mail and by phone).