Nothing but praise about 'All Quiet'

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Despite its name, we have much to say about this All Quiet-training. History educators and pupils of five countries (Belgium, Greece, Macedonia, Germany and Estonia) came together to debate about the migrant crisis of last summer and to compare with the wave of migration during the First World War. They also visited the town of Leuven and the European Parliament in Brussels, which still had not recovered from the attacks of the week before – the Spanish, Italian and Irish delegation could not come because many flights were redirected. During this four days, the participants had to report about the training with a camera in groups. On the last day, they had to show their fictional journal to the rest of the group. The opinions about the refugee crisis proved to be very different, but the general conclusion was that Europe have to act more quickly in these kind of situations, because this is not a political but a human issue. What made the debate very interesting is that we had people from all over Europe, each with their own look. The four-day meeting was a great success and the perfect preview for the main event in July, when some 60 adolescents from all over Europe will visit the Westhoek, a region in West Flanders where there are still many traces of the First World War.