Guidebook part 1

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In this part 1 of our Guidebook, we show you how to take the first steps of introducing new digital media & applications in your classroom.
At the end of this video, you will find a list of (free) TOOLS which you can you use in your class. The list is extensive, we used a few of them. Probably, more and newer TOOLS and applications are already available. There are new apps coming out every day.

In part 2 (soon available) students experiment with more complex audio and video (like Touchcast). 
In this second part of our guidebook, we'll show you how to:
- integrate a remembrance activity
- work in smaller groups (taskforces)
- create an exhibition / presentation

If you have questions, just contact us. (not sure you 'll find an answer to all your questions, but maybe we can help you)

watch this video on youtube: