First training in Belgium April 8 - 12

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We are looking forward to meet our partners for the second time in Belgium! 

Delegations from these countries will meet eachother in the city of Leuven: Estonia, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Belgium. From Euroclio, 2 experienced trainers join us: Iljo from Macedonia, who knows a lot about the Eastern front, and Martin from Austria, who was closely involved into a similar project. We welcome them both! Wednesdag April 8th is arrival day, the next day we take the bus to the 'In Flanders Fields' - area. Eddy and Urbain will welcome us in Ypres, and they will be our guides for the day, which ends with a visit at the Menin gate (Last post). Friday and Saturday we'll have sessions and interactive workshops in Leuven. Hope you are curious, just like us...  

DAY 1 Wednesday April 8th - arrival day
  - participants (youngsters & educators arrive in Leuven (hotel ParkInn nearby train station, 50 m)  
  - welcome + (for those who want:) Leuven by Night
19h-21h dinner in ParkInn hotel Leuven // different cold & warm dishes / dessert 
DAY 2 Thursday April 9th - trip to Ypres
08h30 on the bus to Ypres
10h30 arrival at Ypres Grand Place // Town square (Eddy & Urbain) 
10h30 visit In Flanders Fields museum
12h15 lunch ('Kattekwaad / Appel / Museumcafé)
13h15 walk Menin Gate / Church / St George Memorial Church
15h00 visit Tyne Cot cemetary
16h30 visit Langemark cemetary
19h15 Last Post @ Menin Gate
20h30 on the bus to Leuven 
22h30 back in hotel / Leuven
DAY 3 Friday April 10th - workshops 
   @ Blauwput Leuven (nearby hotel)
  Euroclio / Ryckevelde
08h30 breakfast
10h00 short messages // impressions of our visit to Ypres // agenda for the next days
10h15 Euroclio workshop 1 
12h15 lunch
13h30 Euroclio workshop 2
15h15 pauze/break
15h30 online free tools (2hours)
18h00 end
19h00 Dinner
20h00 guided tour "Brand in Leuven"
DAY 4 Saturday April 11th - workshops
  @ Blauwput Leuven
  Euroclio / Ryckevelde
08h30 breakfast
10h00 Touchstone by Heidi Timmerman (province of West Flanders) (1hour)
11h00 brainstorm what to share 4 tools 4 groups 4 themes (1hour)
12h15 lunch
13h30 script/scenario prototype final product (1hour)
15h30 pauze/break
15h45 workshop online tutorial (2hours) + presentation (30min)
17h30 evaluation // things to do //... 
18h00 end
19h00 Dinner
DAY 5 Sunday April 12th - Departure day
08h30 breakfast
  no official programme