the belgian-german connection

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Hello, my name is De Spiegeleir Mathy, 29 years old.

I come from Lokeren, a small city in Belgium between Gent and Antwerpen. I graduated History at the University of Gent  and studied ´Population and development´ in Liège. Since 2011 I´m living in Germany where I had the possibility to take part in the european program ´european voluntary service´. A few months ago I started working in the museum ´haus der Geschichte´ in Stuttgart. I offer guiding tours in the exposition about the First World War:[single]=575

As I wrote my master thesis about the First World War (German immigrants in Belgian before, while and after WWO I), experiencing Europe and working in the museum in Stuttgart, this project interests me a lot. In my opinion, it is very important that young people don´t forget about this part of our common history. A lot of work on remembering is being done in Belgium and all over Europe. Therefore an exchange about these practices is necessary.

As an historian with good language skills I want to support this project. Starting with the  project week end of October when youngsters from the three belgian communities will meet eachother and discuss about the First World War and Europe today. During my stay in Liege in 2008-2009, I met almost no other flemish youngsters. We should exchange more our points of view and get to know eachother. Our cultural diversity in Belgium is an asset. 

Looking forward to the first event, as I will be working as an JCW volunteer in the project team during the whole week.

Join us!

Mathy De Spiegeleir